About Us

vivoPharm provides proprietary preclinical oncology services, it offers integrated service in different disease areas to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. vivoPharm is leading in orthotopic and metastases tumor models and offers whole body imaging. Furthermore, vivoPharm provides all services including toxicology testing and bionalytical analysis to GLP. Our team of highly trained specialists provides advice and optimized study design to our clients. vivoPharm specialises in conducting studies tailored to guide drug development, starting from compound libraries and ending with a comprehensive set of in vitro and in vivo data and reports, as needed for Investigational New Drug Applications (IND) filing. vivoPharm operations follow strict quality control methods and meet the highest industrial standards, acknowledged by our customers worldwide. Our highly motivated and qualified team guarantees short response times, consistency of service, regular updates and transparency. vivoPharm operates in AAALAC accredited and GLP compliant audited facilities.