Mr. Chris Holding

Division Head, Efficacy Testing

Chris’s experience in both the running of studies from a project management position, as well extensive experience in performing the technical elements of in vitro and in vivo studies offered by vivoPharm enables him to be critically involved throughout the design, execution and reporting phase of the studies, as required.

Initially responsible for Study Co-ordination at vivoPharm’s Australian facility in 2009, Chris Holding relocated to the US in July of 2011 to translate vivoPharm’s quality of service at the newly established site in Hershey, Pennsylvania. After building the technical teams for all in vitro and in vivo studies in his first year, Chris’s current role as Group Leader in vivo Pharmacology is to over see the running of all studies by vivoPharm’s Study Co-ordinators at the US facility. Additionally, Chris oversees operations at the US facility and is responsible for ensuring vivoPharm’s commitment to quality, transparency and communication are maintained.