vivoPharm Global Pty Ltd offers a wide range of GLP compliant Bioanalytical Services to meet your drug discovery and development requirements.

Our facility has LC-MS/MS, HPLC and immunoanalytical capabilities, and our highly trained staff have expertise in the analysis of small-molecules, peptides, and proteins in a wide variety of biological matrices.

vivoPharm Global Pty Ltd has two core bioanalysis technology platforms:

  • LC-MS/MS for small molecules & polypeptides, featuring a SCIEX 4000 QTRAP and Shimadzu LCMS-8050 instruments
  • ELISA for proteins & vaccines

vivoPharm Global Pty Ltd offers the following Bioanalytical Method Development and Validation Services:

  • Bioanalytical method feasibility studies
  • Bioanalytical method development and validation studies
  • Bioanalytical method transfer studies

vivoPharm also specializes in performance of the following studies in rodents, from dosing through to data analysis:

  • Pre-clinical and clinical pharmacokinetic studies to determine the blood levels of drug and metabolites following administration of a single dose of drug
  • Toxicokinetic studies to determine the effects of repeated dose administration on pharmacokinetics in toxicity studies

Other bioanalytical services include:

  • Drug-drug interaction studies
  • Bioavailability
  • Bioequivalence
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring studies

Vitamin D Assay

A highly sensitive, accurate, and precise assay to concurrently measure 25-OH Vitamin D3 and 25-OH Vitamin D2 concentrations in human clinical samples is available to provide an accurate evaluation of individual Vitamin D status. Our bioanalytical method uses the highly sensitive Applied Biosystems 4000 Q Trap and Agilent LC-MS/MS instruments.

vivoPharm Global Pty Ltd aim to ensure the highest quality results by performing all tests in compliance to vivoPharm GLP Quality standards in an efficient and timely manner to meet all your research needs.

In vitro CYP450 Inhibition assay

The cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP) are a haemethiolate enzyme superfamily responsible for the metabolic clearance of a wide variety of drugs. Inhibition of CYP450 enzyme activity by a drug can result in drug-drug interactions with co-administered drugs which are metabolized by the same CYP450 enzyme which consequently may significantly increase the exposure of the interacting drug.

This method measures the activities of six major human CYP enzymes (CYP1A2, CYP2B6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP2D6 AND CYP344/5) using selective substrates incubated within human liver microsomes. The analytical method was validated under GLP guidelines. IC50 values are in agreement with reported literature.

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