vivoPharm Global Pty Ltd provides a range of contract clinical pathology services

Haematology: Automated full blood examinations, including total and differential white blood cell counts and red blood counts and indices, can be determined in a range of species.

Coagulation parameters determined include prothrombin times and activated partial thromboplastin times

Clinical Biochemistry: a full range of parameters can be determined using a COBAS Integra 400Plus biochemistry analyser.

Urinalysis: performed using dip-stick methods or using the Integra 4000.

Macroscopic pathology: necropsies with external and internal examinations and weights of critical organs are performed under the supervision of a certified veterinary pathologist.

Microscopic pathology: tissues are collected at necropsy and trimmed according to RITA guidelines. Tissues are then processed within to produce haematoxylin and eosin-stained slides for microscopic examination by a US board certified veterinary pathologist.

vivoPharm Global Pty Ltd also offers clinical pathology testing for samples sent from another site.
Services are performed within vivoPharm’s test facility in compliance with GLP requirements and in accordance with regulatory test guidelines. Non-GLP services are also available on request.

Anatomic Pathology

vivoPharm Global Pty Ltd can provide expert evaluation and interpretation of pathology data. Formal peer reviews are conducted by experienced consultants and informal peer reviews are routinely conducted by vivoPharm’s pathologists to ensure accurate, consistent high quality pathology data.


vivoPharm Global Pty Ltd can deliver affordable histology service of the utmost quality. Services include specimen handling, tissue cut- up, tissue preparation, embedding, sectioning, haematoxylin and eosin slide preparation and microscopic examination of slides performed by US board certified veterinary pathologist. Trimming and organ sampling is performed according to RITA guidelines followed up with necessary slide staining procedures.


A US board certified veterinary pathologist has hands-on supervision of all necropsies conducted at vivoPharm.

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