For immuno-oncology studies, tumor models must possess fully intact immune systems.

As such, human tumor models (xenografts) are of limited value unless applied in humanized mice wherein the human immune system is recapitulated in a fully immune-incompetent mouse model.  However, the extremely high costs associated with these models preclude their use for most studies.  In contrast, the use of syngeneic tumor models wherein murine tumor cell lines are inoculated into their respective syngeneic background mice is increasingly popular for studies assessing novel immunotherapies.

We have one of the broadest collections of syngeneic tumor models in the industry and we specialize in orthotopic implantation.  Our models are well characterized and benchmarked against the most common immune-checkpoint inhibitors and other immunomodulators, as well as combination therapies.  We have full immunoprofiling (FACS analysis) on most of our models and we have a library of fresh-frozen, Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded, and OCT Embedded tumor samples available for target identification/validation studies.

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